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"The Armenian republic of Dashnaks [during its formation in 1918] had got from Allies the Kars district, the parts of the Erivan guberniia (province) taken away in 1918. So, the territory of Armenia made up approximately 17,500 English square miles with population of 1,510,000 people (795,000 Armenians, 575,000 Moslems [Azerbaijanis], 140,000 of other nationalities).
Dashnaks not being satisfied with it layed claims to the Akhalkalak and Borchaly territories (parts of Georgia), and to Karabakh, Naxcivan districts and to the southern part of great Elisavetpol guberniia (parts of Azerbaijan). The attempts of annexing these territories by force (in the period of the British occupation of Transcaucasus) led to the war with Georgia (December, 1918) and long bloody struggle with Azerbaijan resulted in reduction of contested regions' population by 10-30%, and a number of settlements were literally wiped off the face of the earth.
The fight was extremely fierce in Karabakh where the Dashnaks settled down firmly. Only downfall of the Musavat Party and Sovietization of Baku (27 April 1920) saved the Karabakh Armenians from complete defeat."

"Being proposed (July 1920) to accept Karabakh, Naxcivan and other areas [of Azerbaijan] loyal to Soviet power, Yerevan government agreed to start guerilla actions on the mentioned above territories issuing confidential order to their Dashnak war leaders. These actions started in September 1920.
At the same time Dashnaks having received weapons from Britain, organized pogroms of Moslem [mainly Azerbaijani] population in the whole of Kars province and Erevan district reducing Shuragel, Sharur-Daralagez, Kaguzman, Surmanly, Karagurta, Sary Kamysh regions to ashes. Having secured such a rear they attacked Olta and Kaguzman acquiring the support of Makin Sardar."

Great Soviet Encyclopedia (GSE), "Armenian Question"
First Edition, Volume Three (ANRIO-ATOKCIL), Moscow, 1926.

GSE was the most authoritative and comprehensive Soviet encyclopedia, an equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica in the West.

On August 31, 1918, for the first and last time the Armenian government itself has declared that only in one year Armenians killed 400 thousand Azerbaijanis, 120 thousand Georgians, 15 thousand Turks and others. In spite of the fact that government of Armenia has reduced the statistical data, this is enough proof of the Armenian terror. (From: Rovshan Mustafayev, "Crimes of Armenian terrorist and bandit formations against the humanity (XIX-XXI centuries)", Baku, 2002. In Russian, English and French).

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