Dear RFE/RL editors,

I am writing this letter to protest the recent news posting by Elizabeth Fuller in Transcaucasia Newsline, February 27, titled
"Azerbaijani, Karabakh officials issue statements on massacre anniversary".

The news piece intentionally links parts of Azerbaijani and Armenian official statements to give an impression that all the
fault for this cruel and inhuman genocide can be pinned on Azeri government, then-president Ayaz Mutallibov, and Azerbaijani
Popular Front. And this is not the first one-sided, biased and partisan pro-Armenian approach taken by Elizabeth Fuller in her
news coverage. Except this time, she takes such a stand ignoring the souls of hundreds of children and elders brutally
murdered by Armenian and Russian forces in Khojaly.

Well, but the question is, who was the party committing the Khojaly massacre? Is there any proof that Azerbaijani Popular
Front intentionally committed brutality against its own nation, when there is more than sufficient evidence (tapes, witnesses,
etc.)  that this genocide was committed by Armenian and Russian detachments? Does Liz Fuller, a one-sided, pro-Armenian, and
biased journalist, who numerously proved her record in eyes of thousands of Azeri readers, have sufficient evidence that such
acts were committed by Azerbaijanis against their own people? Did she watch the tapes of genocide and seen the pictures of
those murdered? We, Azerbaijanis, expect an answer to this question from you, the editors of RFE/RL, taking full
responsibility for your writings.

The history will make its own judgement about Khojaly events, which by all terms of international law can be considered as
Azeri genocide committed by Armenians. But we would expect a more bypartisan approach taken by Radio Free Europe, as an
example of propaganda of democracy, peace and freedom of expression on the European continent and the volatile Caucasus

With best regards,

Javid Huseynov
PhD Student
University of California Irvine

Dear Mr. Goble,

I am writing to express my anger, disgust and deep disappointment with the RFERL TransCaucasia Newsline of February 27, 2001,
opportunity for Armenian officials of occupational and terrorist regime of NKR to justify the massacre of hundreds of peaceful
civilians in Hojali village of Azerbaijan.

The massacre was planned and executed in the most brutal way it could be done and there can be no excuse for that neither from
the military or moral point of views. The massacre of children, elders and women is a horrible act and humanity will never
forget what has happened in Hojali. By publishing such news, RFERL gave an opportunity to the organizers and implementers of
such a horrible event to justify it and to present a false and misguiding version of events. By doing so, RFERL definetely
lost its credibility in my eyes, as well as in the eyes of many Azerbaijanis.

I have personally seen a documentary on Hojali. I saw hundreds of corps, with cut eyes, ears, ripped of skin and raped women
and children. I wonder if Ms. Liz Fuller has seen it, because if she has, she would not even consider writing on this event in
such a way. Facts are seen even by a blind person and there is no reason for RFERL to become another machine for Armenian


Fariz Ismailzade
Washington University in St. Louis

This letter is to express my protest and frustration to the recent news posting by Elizabeth Fuller in Transcaucasia Newsline,
February 27, titled "Azerbaijani, Karabakh officials issue statements on massacre anniversary".

For the last years, i have been observing Liz's biased approach in reporting and posting news articles in RFE/RL.  However, in
Liz Fuller' case i see that there is no limit to a journalist unprofessionalism and biasness.  How can a journalist write such
an article without seeing the documentary of the Khodjaly Massacre documented by your fellow colleagues from the world's
leading newspapers and Tv stations, let alone reputable international organizations and their respective reports.  Below i
cite them and their reports on Khodjaly Massacre done by the Armenian forces of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenian Republic.

1) United Nations records,
2) Norwegian Refugee Council,
3) Russia's MEMORIAL human right organization
4) Human Rights Watch /Helsinki (HRW)

Those days, unlike YOU and LIZ FULLER, your colleagues from the leading newspapers wrote:

"Crual L'Eveneman" magazine (Paris), March 25, 1992: "The Armenians attacked Khojali district. The whole world became the
witness of the disfigured dead bodies. Azeris speak about thousand killed people".

"Sunday Times" newspaper (London), March 1, 1992: "Armenian soldiers annihilated the hundred families".

"Financial times" newspaper (London), March 9, 1992: ".Armenains shot down the column of refugees, fled to Aghdam. The
Azerbaijani side counted up about 1200 dead bodies.

The cameraman from Lebanon confirmed that the rich dashnak community of his country send the weapon and people to Karabakh".

"Times" newspaper (London), March 4, 1992: . "Many people were mutilated, and it was remained only the head of one little

"Izvestiya" newspaper (Moscow), March 4, 1992: ".Camcoder showed the kids with the cut off ears. One old woman were cut off
the half of her face. The men were scalped."

"Financial Times", March 14, 1992: "General Polyakov said 103 Armenian servicemen from regiment No 366 stayed in Nagorni

"Le Mond" newspaper (Paris), March 14, 1992: ". The foreign journalists in Aghdam saw the women and three scalped children
with the pulled off nails among the killed people. This is not "Azerbaijani propaganda", but reality

"Izvestiya" newspaper, March 13, 1992: "Major Leonid Kravets: "I saw about hundred dead bodies on the hill. One little boy was
without head. Everywhere were the dead bodies of women, children, elders killed with the particular brutality".

"Valer actuel" magazine (Paris), March 14, 1992: ".|n this "autonomous region" Armenian armed forces together with the people
who are natives of Near East have the most modern military equipment, including the helicopters. ASALA has military bases and
ammunition depots in Syria and Lebanon. Armenians annihilated Azerbaijanis of Karabakh, implemented bloody massacre in more
than 100 Moslem villages".

Journalist of british TV company "Funt man news" R. Patrick who visited the palce of tragedy: "Crime in Khojali can not be
justified in public opinion".

Where was Liz Fuller then?  I do not know. But one thing is for sure the souls of those 700 slaughtered Azeri civilians in
Khodjaly and those 1,200 hostages, some of them slaughtered in captivities, will be always following Liz and herlike
irresponsible journalists.

Posting a news article in a reputable newsletter such as RFE/RL, Liz Fuller should acknowledge the amount of responsibility
she is carrying.  The damage she has done to your organization in terms of reputation and image is huge. A clearing article in
your next edition should be posted.  Liz Fuller and herlikes should do their homework properly prior to attempting to post
something absurd and ridicule in such a newsletter like yours.

I have two words to describe that article: Irresponsibility and Disgust. You should also be responsible for your fellow

Remaining in frustration,

Araz Mehdiyev
Investment Manager
American International Group (AIG)

Dear Dr. Goble,

I am writing to express my anger with the RFERL, TransCaucasia Newsline of February 27, 2001, titled Azerbaijani, Karabakh
officials issue statements on massacre anniversary.  I am also writing to express my disappointment with you sir, as a
director of communications for RFE, how could you allow such false and bias reporting to be printed.

Sir, I have met you last year at a US congress briefing my organization brought together for Black January. You were one of
the panelists, who knew our struggles and problems. I was very impressed by your knowledge about the Caucasus, especially
Azerbaijan. Everyone at the briefing appreciated your views. But my sympathetic impression turned to disappointment when I
read Ms Liz Fullers article last week. Because, as the publisher and the director you could have stopped such bias article to
be distributed.

This is not the first time Ms. Fuller has taken a biased and pro-Armenian approach in her news coverage. Why is this occurring
in a news publication like yours? She is a journalist; there are principles and standards of a proper journalism, and she is
abusing all of these.

Sir, I am writing to you as one American to another.  Please put a halt to this kind of bias reporting. We are trying to find
peace; we are trying to find a solution to our problems. There is no need for all this false propaganda by Ms. Fuller. I hope
that this can be remedied in the future with your interjection into any instances of false and biased reporting that distorts
historical facts.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this and responding positively.

Ms. Tomris Azeri
Azerbaijan Society of America    

To the RFE/RL Newsline editors and contributors,

For many years now Liz Fuller has been hardly concealing bias, selective quotation and questionable citations in her
reporting, and has received an innumerable number of written complaints from all the readers, myself included. Examples of
false and biased reporting concerned the "Nagorno Karabakh Republic" (after a number of protests at least she started
appending the "unrecognized" status of it), ancient Albanian monuments in Naxcivan (under the pretext of being demolished and
being Armenian), casualty figures during the 1988 Sumgait provocations, 1990 "Black January" in Baku, and more, as always
relying on Armenian Groong news service. The latest news piece covering the Khojaly Massacre from RFE/RL Newsline Vol. 5, No.
40, Part I, 27 February 2001 is one of the worst, and definitely most insulting not only to the memory of the massacred
civilian population, but also to the intelligence of the reader.

Not only is 2/3 of the news piece concentrating on a statement by some Atanesian, a person with neither background in
historical science and research, nor official representation of a legal entity. Khojaly Massacre happened in 1992, not even a
decade ago, right before our eyes. The terrible atrocities have been confirmed by many Western, Russian and Azerbaijani
journalists and researchers, with video and photo evidence. Moreover, the outrageous act of ethnic cleansing of the modern era
in the Caucasus has been certified by none other than the 1) United Nations records, 2) Norwegian Refugee Council, 3) Russia's
MEMORIAL human right organization with its comprehensive report (who cannot be suspected of nurturing any pro-Azerbaijani
sentiments) and 4) Human Rights Watch / Helsinki (HRW), the most authoritative Western human rights watchdog. Who is Liz
Fuller, not to mention this Atanesian, to contravene the evidence presented, documented and readily available? Why is Ms.
Fuller so eager to cite HRW in other times, yet is so shy now?

It is also ironic that Armenian propaganda, and its governments' official mouthpiece, Armenpress, was caught red-handed by HRW
in 1997 when they attempted to distort and completely falsify HRW's findings. It seems since these propagandists got smarter
and decided to use their puppets in the occupied Azerbaijani lands instead, so that not to be mocked and ridiculed. Liz Fuller
should read the letter at URL: or inquire from HRW to get a copy.
All the above mentioned evidence can also be accessed at this site,

Liz Fuller's reporting is consistently running against the RFE/RL principles, journalist standards and even against other
RFE/RL reports done by unbiased analysts. Here is a 26 February 1999 report:

"AZERBAIJAN TO GIVE HAGUE COURT DOCUMENTS ON 1992 MASSACRE Idayet Orudshev, state secretary for nationality issues, has said
Baku will present the international court at The Hague with documents on the massacre of 600 Azerbaijanis by Armenian forces
in the city of Khojaly on 26 February 1992, Interfax reported. In addition, more than 500 Azerbaijanis were injured in the
attack and some 1,200 taken prisoner. PG"

Can Ms. Fuller explain whether some 500 wounded and 1,200 hostages are good enough (living) proof for her about the massacre
orchestrated by Armenian forces -- not just some puppet "Karabakh" forces, but Armenian Republic's forces with the help of
366th Russian Motorized Infantry Division? Families of those 500 people are alive, their testimonies recorded, and they surely
can identify Armenian butchers as clearly as night from day. As we can see through all the outrageous nonsense readily
reported by Ms. Fuller.

Sincerely in disgust,

Adil Baguirov

RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 5, No. 40, Part I, 27 February 2001

massacre of several hundred Azerbaijanis in the Karabakh village of Khodjaly in 1992, Azerbaijan's President Heidar Aliev
criticized then President Ayaz Mutalibov for failing to take measures to prevent those deaths, Interfax and dpa reported.
Aliev also criticized the international community for what he termed its failure to condemn the killings. Meanwhile Vahram
Atanesian, chairman of the Standing Foreign Relations Commission of the Karabakh parliament, issued a statement which Noyan
Tapan circulated on 26 February. Atanesian said that the Karabakh Armenian authorities had given Mutalibov advance warning
that they intended to try to neutralize Azerbaijani weapons emplacements in Khodjaly and had announced that a corridor would
be opened to allow the civilian population to leave Khodjaly before that offensive began.  Atanesian said that it was armed
detachments of the Azerbaijan Popular Front who killed the Khodjaly villagers, not Armenian and Russian troops as Baku claims.