Azerbaijani Generals and Admirals, 
Military Leaders and Heroes

(Азербайджанские генералы и адмиралы, герои войны азербайджанцы)

Original: 1999. Revised with new additions: November 2004 and again in May 2006.

This is the largest list of its kind on the Internet and in print, not only for Azerbaijan, but all of Caucasus. This unique list, part of the Virtual Azerbaijan (VAR) website, is a product of meticulous and scrupulous research conducted by the author since 1999 in Azerbaijani, Russian and English-language sources. The list includes well over 100 generals, admirals and gubernator-generals (governor-generals), from the late 18th century to the 20th century, in addition to dozens of important colonels and lesser ranking military officers, and Hero's of Soviet Union (the highest Soviet military medal). This list is not complete, and probably never will be, as history has not been very favorable towards Azerbaijan and especially its heroes. We welcome any new information, corrections or other feedback that will allow to improve and grow this list further. 

We do not count the multitude of generals and military leaders from the shah dynasties before later 18th century, such as the Qajars (Kajars, Kadzhars), Afshars and Sefevids (Safavis), Atabeks (Atabegs, Atabeys), and many other historic military figures and nobles.

Azerbaijan has always been a birthplace of heroic individuals, who courageously fought countless invasions, as well as participated in military quests and adventures to the faraway lands and empires. Some of the best known names of antiquity include prince Jevanshir of Albania, Babek, Atabey Eldegiz and Jahan Pehlevan, Shah Ismail Khatai Safavi and many others. However, at this time we will concentrate on remembering the heroic men and women of the last couple centuries who literally gave their lives to their ideals and their motherland. This becomes especially critical in light of the Karabakh (Qarabag) war (1988-1994) and the military setbacks of the disparate military groups that only distantly resembled an army, with no real chain of command and no bright top brass, as well as lack of weapons and training.

"I informed Enver Pasha: My Pasha, during the World War I, we, Azeris, gave four army commanders to the Russian army. Our Armenian and Georgian neighbors never had an army commander in the Imperial army [during the WWI]. Only one Georgian did become a commander of army corps. One of the generals is Samed Mehmandarli [Mehmandarov] who became the army commander during the Russian-Japanese war and earned the highest military honors of the Russian army. Then there is General Ali Agha Shikhlinski who came to be known as the father of the Russian artillery. The third general is Khan Nakhichevanski, and the fourth one was Khan Irevanski." (Naki Keykurun Seykhzamanli, from "The Memoirs of the National Liberation Movement in Azerbaijan," translated into English and published 1998, p. 79). (On a separate note, every Soviet Armenian field marshal and admiral during the WWII were from Azerbaijan as well, as were 1/3 of generals).

NOTE: The current web compilation adheres to the Russian and Soviet military ranks. However, we make it a point to preserve the original names and titles, and thus non-Soviet/Russian rankings differ. To better understand the differences, Turkish and US/NATO military ranks are provided, together with a comprehensive comparison (also here). Note especially the fact that unlike NATO/Turkish armies, there was never a Brigadier-General rank in the Soviet army (yet there was a Brigadier in the Russian Imperial Army, a rank higher than Colonel but lower than Maj-General). Similarly, there is a Colonel-General rank in the Soviet and post-Soviet militaries, but unavailable in the NATO/US/Turkish armies. Moreover, the Army General (General of the Army/Cavalry/Artillery) corresponds to a Four (4) Star General rank in the Soviet Army and Three (3) Star General in the Russian Imperial Army. Sometimes, when the precise rank is not known, it is simply written "Gen." or "General." The list also includes some Colonels and other lower-ranked military men, since most of them died or were killed in the young age, and definitely had an unfulfilled potential.

From the middle 18th century, mostly from WWI as well as the first Azerbaijani Republic (ADR) of 1918. Basically this list covers up to pre-WWII, since some generals managed to continue being in military even after Soviet takeover

Gen. Panah Ali Khan Jevanshir 1st Khan of Karabakh, founder of Karabakh khanate, c.1747-1761, d. Shiraz 1761. General of the Nadir Shah Afshar of Iran until 1747.
Lt.-Gen. Ibrahim Khalil (II) Aga Khan-e Jevanshir b. 1726, 2nd Khan of Karabagh 1761-6/1806, Khan of Ganja 1781-1784, son of Panah Ali khan, Russian Imperial Army in 1805, killed by the Russians in June 1806, burried in Agdam. Interesting factoid: one of his 5 wives was Hatay Khanum , daughter of Bahtan, Melik of Dizak, in Karabakh.
Maj-Gen. Mehdiqulu Khan Jevanshir b. 1763, 3rd Khan of Karabakh (1806-1822), son of 2nd Khan Ibrahim Khalil II, Maj-Gen. in the Russian Army, d. May 1845.
Maj-Gen. Mohammed Hasan Aga Jevanshir killed by Russians in 1805 (son of 2nd Khan Ibrahim Khalil II)
Col. Jafar Aga Jevanshir Colonel in the Russian Army (son of Maj-Gen. Mohammed Hasan Aga Jevanshir)
Col. Hanlar Aga Jevanshir Colonel in the Russian Army (descendant of 2nd Khan Ibrahim Khalil II)
Maj-Gen. Ehsan khan Naxcivanski Kengerli, Sr.  18-19th century, son of Kalbali khan, the ruler of Naxcivan khanate. Himself the 3rd Khan of Nakhchivan 1823 - deposed 1828.
Lt-Gen. Ismail khan Naxcivanski Kengerli son of Ehsan khan and brother of Kalbali khan, 1819-1908. Became Lt.-Gen. in 1891.
Maj-Gen. Kalbali khan Naxcivanski Kengerli, Sr. 19th century, son of Ehsan khan, received the rank of Maj-Gen in 1874 (according to another source, 1876). Died in 1883.
General of Cavalry Huseyn khan Naxcivanski 1863-1919, son of Kalbali khan. On Jan 23, 1916, Huseyn khan got the top rank of Cavalry (Army) General. Was one of the few imperial generals who refused to switch allegiance from tsar Nicholas Romanov to either Bolsheviks or ADR. Bolsheviks executed him in Februry 1919 in the Petropalovsk castle.
Lt-General Huseyn khan Ismail khan oglu Naxcivanski 1858-1919
Admiral Mirza Muhammed khan 18th-19th century, first Azerbaijani Admiral of the Baku Shirvanshah khanate, defender of Baku against Russian naval conquest.

Azerbaijani Generals: Kalbali khan Naxcivanskii,
his son, Gambay
Vezirov and 
Hamid Hamidbekov

Lt-Gen. Jafarqulu Khan Dumbuli (Khoyski) 3rd Khan of Khoy 1786-1797, 8th Khan of Sheki 1806-1814, Lt-Gen. in the Russian Army, d. 1814.
Maj-Gen. Ismail Khan 9th Khan of Sheki 1816-1818, Maj-Gen. in the Russian Army, died in 24/7/1819.
Maj-Gen. Kalbali Khan Khoiski b. 1785, Maj-Gen. in the Russian Imperial Army, d. in Ganja 29/7/1834. Son of 2nd Khan Ahmed by Soltanat Beyim. Married to Sara Beyim Khoiskaya, daughter of 3rd Khan Jafarqulu.
Lt.-General Iskandar khan Khoyski b. 25/5/1820, father of future PM of ADR, Fatali khan Khoyski, Lt-Gen. in the Russian Imperial Army 16/12/1889, Cdr O. St Anne 1871, Kt O. St Wladimir 1871, died in Ganja 16/7/1894. Son of Maj-Gen. Kalbali Khan Khoiski, married to Saadat Beyim, daughter of Maj-Gen. Ismail Khan of Sheki.
Col. Abulfet Shahtahtinski 1858 - 13 March 1913
Army General Samedbek Mehmandarov (Samad bey Mehmandarli) first Azerbaijani Army (Artillery) General (1915 decree), Defense Minister of ADR, hero of Port-Arthur naval base defense in China during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, saved from NKVD by Dr. Nariman Narimanov
Lt.-General Mamedbek Sulkevich (1865-1920) Chief of General Staff of ADR from March 1919; killed on 15 July 1920
Maj-General Jemil Jevad (Jamil Jevad, possibly Shikhlinski)
Sultan bek Sultanov brother of Khosrov bek Sultanov, general-gubernator of Karabakh
Ismail Khan Ziadkhanov with Jemil Javad and Sultan Sultanov took Shusha back in 1918
Artillery (Army) General Ali Aga Ismail oglu Shikhlinski 23 April 1865 - 18 August 1943, the third Azerbaijani Army General (1919 decree), dubbed "God of Russian artillery", hero of the famous WWI 'Brusilov Incursion,' first Azerbaijani to receive both French top honors of Order of the Legion and Legion Crest, Deputy Minister of Defense of ADR, saved from NKVD purges by Dr. Nariman Narimanov. Taught future Field Marshal's L.A.Govorov, N.D.Yakovlev, top artillery Marshal N.N.Voronov and others
Maj-General Javad (Jevan) bey Mamedaga oglu Shikhlinski (d. 1959 in Turkey) (Ali Aga was his uncle; Zangezur battle in 1919, organized Ganja uprising in May 1920; after escaped to Iran, later to Turkey)
Colonel Rustam bey Mamedaga oglu Shikhlinskii (1878 - executed in 1920, nephew of Gen. Ali Aga Shikhlinski)
Maj-General Jamshid khan Naxcivanski Kengerli (1895-1938, liberated Shusha in 1918, Stalin arrested and purged him on Nov 1938. He taught future Field Marshal's S.Biryuzov, A.A.Grechko and P.F.Batistki)
Maj-Gen Kalbali khan Naxcivanski Kengerli, Jr. (greatgrandson of Kalbali khan; older brother of Jamshid khan, escaped to Iran after Soviet takeover of Azerbaijan, where he was general in the Shah's army until 1934, when the Shah ordered to secretly kill him and his brother Col. Ehsan khan Jr., in the back fearing his rising power. The fourth brother of the family, Lt-Colonel Davud khan Naxcivanski, was killed in Karabakh by Dashnaks in 1920, when he stood up for his brother)
General Habib bey Haji Yusif oglu Selimov (commander Shusha battalion, crushed Armenian Dashnak Gen. Dro Kanayan)
Maj-Gen. Ibrahim aga Usubov (Usubbekov) (1872-July 16, 1920, served in Kharkov)
Maj-General Ibrahim aga Pasha aga oglu Vekilov 1853-1934, the first general-gubernator of ADR's capital, Ganja; head of topography in the Chief of General Staff
General Khan Irevanski (Erevanski) a celebrated general during the WWI
HSH Maj-Gen. Prince Safi Khan Persidsky Maj-Gen. in the Russian Imperial Army (then Kadjars)
Maj-Gen. Prince Feyzulla Khan Persidsky Maj-Gen. in the Russian Imperial Army,  then in the Azerbaijan ADR Army, educ Nicolaev Cavalry School, killed by the Bolsheviks in 1920. Son of HSH Maj-Gen. Prince Safi Khan Persidsky.
General Ahmed Bey Javanshir  


Vice-Admiral Ibrahim bey Allahverdi bey oglu Aslanbeyov (Avramiy Bogdanovich Aslambekov) (b. 1822 - d. 1900) Most celebrated Azerbaijani admiral, served with famous vice-admiral G.I.Butakov, admiral V.I.Baryatinski, A.S.Greyg, A.I.Panfilov and admiral P.S.Nakhimov.
Maj-General Kuli khan (last Karabakh ruler, father of poetess Khurshudbanu-Begum Natavan)
Maj-Gen. Daniyal bey Ilisulu (1800-1870, grandson of the last Sheki khan, right hand of Sheykh Shamil)
Maj-Gen. Teymur bey Novruz oglu Novruzov great ADR general, fought in WWI, recipient of 4 (!) St. George medals from Russia. His family gave a total of 3 generals. 
Maj-Gen. Samed bey Meshadi bey oglu Rafibeyov (1892-1980, after takeover run to Turkey, where was a close comrade-of-arms and friend of Ataturk, received the rank of Maj-Gen. in Turkey in 1948)
Lt-Gen. Faraj bey Agayev

(aka Nikolay Nikolayevich Agayev, real name Farajulla Bey Aga Irza Bey oglu)

(1811-1891, born in Shusha, Karabakh)
One of the commanders of the Azerbaijani divisions in the Caucasus (Separate Caucasian Corps), sometimes after 1850. During the Crimean Campaign, he commanded a cavalry brigade, which included 1st Muslim Cavalry Corps and Ossetian Cavalry Militia. 
Maj-Gen. Hasan bey Agalarov (1812-?)
Maj-Gen. Israfil bey Yadigarov One of the commanders of the Azerbaijani divisions in the Caucasus (Separate Caucasian Corps), sometimes after 1850. During the Crimean Campaign, he commanded the 2nd Muslim Cavalry Corps.
Maj-Gen. Davud bey Sadig bey oglu Yadigarov
Col. Veli bey Sadig bey oglu Yadigarov (d. 1897, brother of Gen. Davud bey)
Lt-Gen. Balakishi bey Arablinskii (1828-1902)
Maj-Gen. Haji Ismail bey Gutkashenli (Qutkashenli, Kutkasheli) Major General in the Russian Imperial Army 6/12/1850, educ St Petersburg Cadet School, b. 1809, d.14/8/1861.

One of the commanders of the Azerbaijani divisions in the Caucasus (Separate Caucasian Corps).

Maj-Gen. Aga khan Shirvansky Maj-General since 1878
Maj-Gen. Javad khan Shirvansky One of the commanders in the 1840s of Azerbaijani divisions in the Russian Imperial Army
Maj-Gen. Mansuraga Vekilov
Maj-Gen. Agasi bey Afsharov approximately 1830-?
Maj-Gen. Firudin bey Jalal oglu Vizirov (1850-1925)
Maj-Gen. prince Muhammed Mirza Qajar (Mamed Kadjar)
Maj-Gen. prince Amir Kazim Mirza Bahman Mirza oglu Qajar (1853-1920)
Maj-Gen. prince Amanullakhan Mirza Qajar (1862-1937, after takeover escaped to Tehran)
Maj-Gen. prince Feyzulla Mirza Qajar
Gen. prince Sadraddin Bahman Mirza oglu Qajar (executed in 1920)
Gen. Samed Mirza Qajar
Gen. prince Rzaqulu Mirze Qajar 1837-?
Gen. Mahmud Mirza Qajar
Colonel's in Qajar family: Col. Shahrur Mirza Qajar, Col. prince Khosrov Mirza Qajar, Col. Khanbabakhan Mirza Qajar, Col. prince Seyfulla Bahman Mirza oglu Qajar (1864), Col. Nasrulla Mirza Qajar and Col. Abdulsamid Mirza Qajar.
Maj-Gen. Mammedsadig bey Ismail oglu Agabeyzade (1865-1944 in Lviv)
Maj-Gen. Jahangir Berker Yusif bey oglu Novruzov (1894-1958, after Bolshevik takeover escaped to Iran, and later to Turkey. There he served in the army of Kazim Karabekir pasha)
Maj-Gen. Mir Ibrahim Khan Talishinski d. 29/4/1894
Lt-Gen. Mir Mustafa Khan Talishinski 3rd Khan of Talish Khanate (1786-26/7/1814), Maj-Gen. in 1795, then Lt-Gen. in 1813 in the Russian Imperial Army. Son of 2nd Khan of Talish Khanate Qara Talishinski.
Colonel Mir Hasan Khan Talishinski 4th Khan of Talish in 1814-1826, Colonel in the Russian Imperial Army 1814, escaped to Iran during 1826-1828 war, died in Tehran 30/6/1832
Maj-Gen. Mirkazim bey Mirali khan oglu Talishkhanov (Mir Kazim Khan Talishinski) (17/7/1855-1938, served in Murmansk, Maj-Gen in the Russian Imperial Army 1914, retired 1916)
Maj-Gen. Asad bey Mirali khan oglu Talishkhanov (Mir Asad Khan Talishinski) (b. 16/12/1857, Min of Military Affairs of the North Caucasian Republic, Maj-Gen. in the Russian Imperial Army 1916, d. 1919)
Maj-Gen. Halil bey Mirali khan oglu Talishkhanov (1859-? [missing after 1920])
Maj-Gen. Aliyar bey Mehdi oglu Hashimbeyov (1856-1920)
Maj-Gen. Suleyman bey Alisuleyman oglu Efendiyev (1864-1919 (died from illness), born in Aghdam, Karabakh)
Maj-Gen. Abdulhamid bey Sharifbey oglu Gaitabashi (1889-1920, Chief of General Staff from 10 Dec 1919)
Gen. Galib bey Vekilov
Gen. Ahmed bey Dibirov
Col. Daniyal bey Abdulla bey oglu Helejov (1876-1920/22)
Col. Shirin bey Jafaraga oglu Kesemenli (1887-1919)
Maj-Gen. Murad Keraj bey Tlehas (Chief of Artillery division of the Chief of General Staff from 1918; General-Gubernator of Baku from 4 Dec 1919)
Gubernator-General Javad bey Rza bey oglu Melikyeganov (d. 18 May 1942)
Gen. Amiraslan Khan Khoyski (b. 1888, exiled to Turkey when the Soviets invaded Azerbaijan April 1920, with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the ADR between 1918-1920, Gov. of Quba between 1918-1920, General in the Azerbaijan Army, died in Ankara 1954).
Gubernator-General Amir khan Jahangir khan oglu Khoyski (d. 1966 in Istanbul) (Nephew of Fatali khan Khoyski, FM and PM of ADR)
Col. Huseyngulu (Huseinqulu) khan Iskandar khan oglu Khoyski (exiled to Turkey when the Soviets invaded Azerbaijan 4/1920, Deputy Gov of Ganja between 1918-1920, Colonel in the Azerbaijan Army, Offr in the Russian Imperial Army, Cdr 2nd cl 1912 then 1st cl 1915 Imperial & Royal O. St Stanislas (Poland), Offr O. St Anne 1914, born 22/9/1869, died 7/12/1955).
General-Gubernator Dr. Khosrov bey Pasha bey oglu Sultanov (1879-1941, first ADR Minister of Defense, Gubernator-General of Karabakh from 15 Jan 1919; crushed Dashnak Gen. Dro in Askeran battle of 21-30 March 1919 together with brother, Sultan bey; after Soviet takeover run to Istanbul)
General-Gubernator Mamed Koha Mahmud oglu (1859-1933)
Colonel Abbaskuli aga (Abbas Kuliagha) Bakikhanov (1794-1846, great publicist, historian. All his 5 brothers also served in the army)
Maj-Gen. Hasan agha Bakikhanov 1833-1898
Colonel Gadir agha Bakikhanov 19th century
Lt-Colonel Mustafaqulu Bakikhanov 18th-19th century
Maj-Gen. Jafarguluaga Bakikhanov  
Maj-Gen. Xasay xan Usmiyev 1808-1866, husband of famous Karabakh poetess, Natavan. Their son, Mehdiqulu, born in 1855 in Shusha, became a Lt-Colonel in the Russian Army.

Azerbaijani Generals: Husein khan
Naxcivanskii, Ismail khan
Kengerli, Bahadur Huseinov and Jamshid khan Naxcivanskii

You might notice a great number of generals with the last name "Naxcivanskii" and "Qajar." Indeed, the proud Naxcivan Khan's of Kengerli family alone gave Azerbaijan total of six Generals, the Qajar's - seven generals, and many more other high-ranking officers. There are many more examples of entire families that rose to the ranks of generalship, such as Jevanshirs-Karabakhski, Khoyski-Dumbuli, Talishkhanov's, Bakikhanov's, and others.

During the existense of the ADR, a total of 21 ethnic Azerbaijani Generals served in the armed forces. After the Bolshevik takeover of Azerbaijan, 12 Generals, 27 Colonels and Lt-Colonels, 46 Captains and other mid-ranking officers, were executed.

During the WWI, four ethnic Azerbaijani generals commanded Russian armies. Those were Samed bek Mehmandarov, Aliaga Shikhlinski, Huseyn khan Nakhchivanski and Khan Irevanski. Only one Georigan and not a single Armenian commanded Russian armies during the WWI.

Over 3,000 Azerbaijani privates and some 250 officers fought in the WWI.

During and post-WWII Period:
Gen. Mamed Sharif Gamidov traversed an honorable path from a private to a general
Maj-Gen. Yaqub Quliyev (Yagub Kuliyev) served in WWII, then in Central Asia
Lt-Gen. Arif Xezer oglu Heydarov 1926-1978
Maj-Gen. Heybat Heybatov Commander of the 223rd national division during WWII
Maj-Gen. Mammadbagir Bagirov WWII
Maj-Gen. Huseyn Mammadov WWII
Maj-Gen Gambay Mamed oglu Vezirov (1899-1937) Member of the Kengerli family, received rank of Maj-Gen at 33, executed during Stalin purges
Maj-General Akim Ali oglu Abbasov 1911-1992
Maj-General Bahadur Huseinov (Guseinov) Recollection from Echo newspaper (in Russian)
Vice-Admiral Hamid (Gamid) Gasimbekov Commander of the Caspian Flotilla
Rear-Admiral Jalil Javadov (1916-1980)
Rear-Admiral Eduard Huseynov (1938-killed 1993)
Rear-Admiral Rafig Askerov (b. 1949, Current commander of the Caspian flotilla)
Maj-Gen. Tarlan Aliyarbeyov (1892-1956, Commander of 416th Azerbaijani division during the WWII)
Maj-General Mahmud Abilov Hero of the WWII, 1898-1972
Maj-General Azi Aslanov (b. 1910, killed on 24 January 1945, Highest decorated Soviet Azerbaijan's general, twice Hero of Soviet Union. He received his first star in 1943 for the heroism in Stalingrad. The second one was supposed to be given for the cross of Berezino river, under the recommendation of Gen. Chernyakhovsky, but because of discriminatory treatment he got it post-humorously, 46 years later, in 1991, after a special appeal by Azerbaijani intelligentsia to Gorbachev).
Maj-Gen. Hajibaba Zeynalov  
Lt-Gen. Valekh Barshadly (Barshatly) first Defense Minister of Azerbaijan (and most successful) after re-establishment of independence in 1991 and Chief of General's Staff in summer of 1992, mastermind of the successful Geranboy Operation (Karabakh) of summer of 1992. Served in Moldova and Eastern Europe in the 1970's and 1980's.  Unfortunately, died of heart attack in 1999.
Colonel Habibulla Huseinov (Hero of Soviet Union, commander of 67-th zenith-artillery division. Some of Huseinov's heroic acts were later falsely attributed to general Bahramian (marshall I.Bagramian). Habibulla Huseinov was killed on 16 April 1945 and buried in Kaunas, Lithuania.)
Lt-Gen. Huseyn Jumshud oglu Rasulbekov (Gusein Dzhumzhidovich Rasulbekov) b. 1917, in 1962-1963, Maj-Gen. Rasulbekov leads Soviet specialists to Egypt, to create an air-defense network and train Egyptian military/ In 1966 Maj-Gen. Rasulbekov is appointed the head of Baku air-defense armed forces of the Baku air-defense region. In 1968 he becomes Lt.-General, and in a couple of years retires, becoming the Minister of Communications of Azerbaijan SSR in 1975 and until his death in 1984.
Maj-Gen. Murtuz Quliyev (Kuliyev, Guliyev)  

There were well over 40 "Hero of Soviet Union" military orders awarded to Azerbaijanis in WWII --  the highest military award of the Soviet Union! The 77th, 223th, 402th and 416th all-Azerbaijani National Divisions of the Soviet Army fought during the Great Patriotic War. Over 400,000 Azerbaijani officers, soldiers and other officials died during the war, out of total of over 600,000 -- casualty figure comparable to the total American casualties of 405,000. To learn more about the Azerbaijani contribution in the World War II efforts, read the following two articles from Azerbaijan International: "World War II and Azerbaijan" and "War and its Legacy: Memories of World War II".

Other notable hero's and generals
Mehdi Husein (Huseinzade) a partisan hero, not a general, in Italy, Yugoslavia and USSR during WWII
Nuru Abdullayev partisan resistance in France during WWII
Ahmadiyye "Kardo Michell" Jabrailov (also spelled Akhmediya Djabrailov) partisan resistance in France, highest honors of French government received
Israfil Mammadov Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Maj. Abdurahman Fatalibeyli-Dudanginski (Major in the Soviet Army by age 33, killed by NKVD in 1954. His classmate from the Chief of Staff Academy years, future Marshall of Soviet Union, Minister of Defense of USSR, Andrey Grechko -- who was also taught by Gen. Jamshid  Naxcivanski (Kengerli) -- said the following: "He possessed with increddibly sharp intelligence, analytical thinking. He was a commander by birth. In the questions of military tactics none of us could compare/match to him").
Zuleyha Mir Hebib qizi Seyid-Mamedova first Azerbaijani woman pilot
Leyla Mamedbeyova Azerbaijan's first woman pilot of the WWII
Lt-General Kerim Kerimov (ret.) Chairman of Soviet State Space/Cosmos Commission (Number One person in Soviet space agency)
Melik Magerramov (Maharamov) Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Gezenfer Akberov Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Nejefgulu Rafiyev Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Abbas Guliyev Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Colonel Mehdi Mahmudov Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Memish Abdullayev Hero of Soviet Union, d. 20/1/1945
Poruchik (Lieutenant) Farruh aga Gaibov (1893 - 2 September 1916) First fighter plane pilot during the WWI. Died while only 23 years old in the course of a dog fight during which he downed three enemy propeller-driven planes.
Ziya Bunyatov Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Geray Asadov Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Aslan Vezirov Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran
Adil Guliyev Hero of Soviet Union, WWII veteran

Azerbaijani Generals in other countries
General (Four Star Gen.) Ismail Hakki Karadayi Ethnicity based on unconfirmed information, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey (1994 - August 1998)
General Kazim Karabekir Pasha Ethnicity based on unconfirmed information, Commander of the 15th Army Corps, d. 1925.
Major-General Dr. Seyyed Hassan Firouzabadi current Chief of the Joint Staff Command of the Armed Forces of Iran, and Head of Mobilization Forces
Sepahbod (3 Star General) Saiid Rezvani One of the top generals of the Joint Staff of the Imperial Iranian Army; served in CENTO in the 60's; was an Adjudant of the Shah
Maj-General Yahya Rahim Safavi Commander of the Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps (IRGC)
General Ali Akbar Derakhshani Governor General and Commander of the army, police, and gendarmerie in South Azerbaijan in 1945
Maj-Gen. Jafar Mamedzade Kavian (1895-197?, Minister of Defense of the South Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of 1945-1946)
Gen. Mirza Rebi Kabiri (1889 - executed in 1947 in Iran)
Gen. Firudin Ibrahimi (executed in 1947 in Iran)
Gen. Abdulgasim Azimi (executed in 1947 in Iran)
Gen. Mohsun Milani Iran
Gen. Abdulrza Azer Iran
Gen. Abdin Navai Iran
Gen. Mahmud Panahi Iran
Gen. Gulam Gehja Iran
Brigadier-General of Cavalry (Tuggeneral, One Star) Hasan Behcet Pasha (born in Sheki in the second half of the nineteenth century, served in Turkey)
Lt-General (Korgeneral, Three Star) Mehmet Nuri Berkцz (born 1889 in Sheki, served in Turkey)
General (Orgeneral, Four Star) Mahmud Berkцz (born 1895 in Sheki, served in Turkey, younger brother of Lt. General M. Nuri Berkцz)
Gen. Mohammad Qoli Khan e Kadjar Qoyunlu General in the Persian Army, son of Khan Husseingulu of Yerevan (Erevan) Khannate.
Gen. Husein Khan Turgut son of Hasan Khan Irevanli (Erevansky), General in the Turkish Air Force 

Foreign Generals serving in Azerbaijan
Lt-Gen. Mustafa Nuru pasha (Nuri Pasha) Ahmed pasha oglu (1889-1949, Turkish general, brother of Enver pasha -- minister of war of the Ottoman Empire)
Gen. Halil pasha Turkish general, Commander of the Caucasus Army in 1918
Lt-Gen. Gennady Nikolaevich Tarhanov Russian national in the ADR army
Maj-Gen. Vasili Ivanovich Dubrovski Russian national in the ADR army
Maj-Gen. Konstantin Davidovich Cheidze Georgian national in the ADR army
Maj-Gen. Zahar Vasilyevich Amashukeli (b. 1862 in Georgia, commander of First Army Division of ADR)
Maj-Gen. Vasili Dmitrievich Kargaleteli Georgian national in ADR army
Maj-Gen. knyaz (prince) Abel Gavrilovich Makayev Georgian national in ADR army
Maj-Gen. Aleksandr Mihaylovich Pursalidze Georgian national in ADR army

List of executed ADR generals in 1920 by Soviets, from M.E.Rasulzade's book "Azerbaycan Cumhuriyeti"
Yusuf bey Ibrahim Aga
Kaytaba$i Hamid Bey
Dilhas bey Murad Geray
Hebib bey Selimov
Kasim bey Mirza Kacar Sheyhzade
Suleyman bey Sulkevich
Hazan Bey
Makayev (Makashvili)
Hadesh bey Hudaverdiyev
Yagub bey Akhmedzade
Nagi bey Alizade
Ilyas bey Talishkhanli
Ibrahim bey Fattahov
Jaffar bey Akhunzade
Ferhad bey Agalarov
Huseyn bey Mirizade
Mirza bey Sadreddin Sheykhzade

Recent generals include Lieutenant-General Z.Yusifzade and Major-General M. Hamidov, as well as Colonel-General Tofiq Agaguseinov, honored in the Soviet Army, Gen. Vahid Musaev (served in Algeria), Gen. Ramiz Mammadov, Gen. Rafig Agaev, Gen Tajaddin Mekhtiyev (second Defense Minister in 1992), Maj-Gen. Zaur Rzayev (Ret) and Dadash Rzayev (current Air Force commander, former Minister of Defense) and others, who have not yet distinguished themselves in now independent Azerbaijan. 

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to this research and compilation, specifically Nazim Mamedov, Nasib Nassibli, Rovshan Sadykhov, Ferhad Abbasov, Bijan Fazlollahi and Vugar Seidov. Also, thanks to the Almanach de Bruxelles. If I am forgetting anyone, please let me know. Equally, if you have more Azerbaijani generals or their photos to add, do let me know. To anyone interested in more detailed profile of famous Azerbaijani generals, I would suggest to read the following books:

1) Focusing on WWII exclusively, there are some more sources in Russian, such as by Mazahir Abbasov's "Baku During the Great Patriotic War" and

2) G. Madatov "Azerbaijan During the Great Patriotic War" (Baku, 1975).

3) Husein Abbaszade, "General" (two parts, 1957-1962), focusing on Gen Azi Aslanov.

4) General Mahmud Abilov, Baku (year of publication unavailable).

5) The best source on Azerbaijani military leaders are books by Prof. Shamistan Nazarly: "Azerbaijani Generals", "Republic's Generals" (Baku, 1995) and "Archives secrets opened" (Baku, 1999).

6) Articles by Azad Sharif (Sharifov) in Zerkalo newspaper and Chingiz Salaxly in Zerkalo newspaper and IRS magazine. A collection of them assembled together by this author can be read here.

7) Books by prof. Israfil Ismaylov

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