Famous People From Azerbaijan

I have developed this list and presented it first in November 1995, as one of the few webpages that made up the Virtual Azerbaijan website at the time. Over the years it has evolved and grew in size, as well as recognition, as all other similar webpages on the Web are either identical or modified versions of this list.

People that were affected by Azerbaijan (famous visitors)

In addition, Azerbaijan can boast the following "first's" in the region (Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East and the Turkic and Muslim World):

First in the world:

For more famous individuals with stories about them visit Azerbaijan International's World Class.
Updated 2-March-2006

Please note that I do not "grade" the individuals above. I only try to show the worlds's better known people as thought by me. This list does not try to portray other people as insignificant to those in the list. Any suggestions to add new people are welcome!!!