Letter of the Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) Fatali-khan Khoyski to the ADR Minister of Foreign Affairs M.H. Hajinsky


Dear Mamed Hasan,

There are a lot of obstacles on our way to send telegrams about the declaration of independence of Azerbaijan [on 28 May 1918 - ed]. I send you the text of telegram in Russian and French in order for you to broadcast it to Constantinople and from there farther. You can sign the telegram as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Nasib bek [Nasib Yusifbeyli - ed] and [Sultan - ed] Sultanov have gone to Elizavetpol [historically known as Ganja - ed] to inform and prepare the people. We have resolved all disputes with Armenians and they will take the ultimatum and finish the war. We ceded Irevan [Irevan Province, now Erevan, capital of Armenia - ed] to them.

Mark the telegram about independence as gotten from Tiflis and in this meaning deliver it to Constantinople. If you can inform us whether you succeeded in sending the telegram and how Turkey thinks about it officially.

At the end of the French text of the telegram add that the temporary residence of the Government will be in Elizavetpol.


Your F. Khoyski

May 29, 1918.

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